a waste of breath

A clip that randomly runs on Finnish TV, and I love it.

Listen. Can you hear? You are awaited. The whole World and all its small wonders wait for you to discover them. There’s so much new and strange ahead that many shy away from their smallness and are afraid. No point in being afraid or you’ll miss out on a good life. Keep your eyes open and you’re free to see everything. The power of imagination makes us boundless. Others believe they own something. Some a lot. But the World, it belongs to those with zest for life. And the future, it belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. And you can’t get enough of beauty. So stuff yourself with life. Because at that point, moderation is absolutely too little.
Walk a new way to work. Smile to people you don’t know. Call an old friend. Sing. Dance. Ask your neighbour how he’s doing. Believe in your dreams. Seize the moment and be present where you are. Forgive. Give life a chance. Give a kiss.
Give reasons for joy – even for those, whom you don’t think deserve it. Remember, that the weak are cruel, and kindness can only be expected from the strong. And remember, you do have strength. You may not always know if you are happy or sad, or which one of these you even should be.
Stop to think, but stop only to think. You will never tame the horse if you keep on sitting on the fence. Laugh at life. Laugh at setbacks. Laugh at yourself before others beat you to it.
Go on a journey and find a path, so that you can walk beside it. Find someone you can hold on to. Find someone who listens. Someone, who wants to understand and wants to listen. If you only seek for one thing, that will be the only one you will ever find. Find your story. Your story.

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    Ah, so television can actually send good things. Why knew? But joking aside, this is wonderful. Really inspiring, really...
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    Simply beutiful and inspiring.
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    This is wonderful and beautiful! :O
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    Gosh I love the rythm and tonality of Finnish so much. Too bad it’s so hard to learn o=
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